Whelping Room Setup



Whelping room for my 2nd litter.  left to right:  Corsa, TinTin and Nickel.

ICo tintin guards

Ico and TinTin  (Ico and Nickel are sisters and TinTin is mom)

The whelping room is a key part in the raising and nurturing of any puppy.  It provides a comfortable and safe nest for mom and a warm home for the babies.  My whelping rooms are different for every litter for a variety of reasons but there are some aspects that hold true throughout the generations.

Things that have changed over the years:

  • minor ‘tweeks’ to whelping box
  • use of crates for puppies as they mature
  • medium for potty area

Things that have not changed over the years:

nickel setup

Nickel (my 3rd litter) showing off her show bling


I’ve always made my own whelping box

This was the beginning of Nickel’s whelping box for her first litter.  She was about a week away from delivery and very interested in the next that was being created for her.  The black round center is called a “Whelping Dish”  it is a really cool heating pad that maintains a constant temperature for puppies.  You can adjust the temperature and the puppies can move off and on, allowing them to manage their own comfort

set up alchmy whelp box nickel       nickel whelping box set up

Below you can see Nickel over seeing the build.  This box was for her 2nd and last litter

setup whelping box making       setup whelping box making

I build my own whelping box because I like a larger size than what is available commercially.  Most boxes are 4 x 4 and I find this too confining for a standard poodle  and not flexible enough to accommodate active and growing puppies.  Over the years I’ve perfected my dream whelping box and the final design is a 4 x 8 platform divided into a boxed section 4 x 5 and a potty area 4 x 3.  Believe it or not, puppies will begin to search out a potty area as soon as they’re able to perambulate.  It also gives mom a separate area where she can lay away from puppies while still keeping an eye on them.


setup absolut

setup tnt may17 003

This is Rhodi with our latest litter.  You can see how the box is covered by a ‘tent’ to help hold in the heat, prevent drafts and to help mom feel safe.  Notice that the ‘potty area’ hasn’t been added to the box yet (but puppy has already found her way out).

whelping box4


potty area



setup absolut  setup whelping box2


whelping box3




experience begining crate training


whelping box5   whelping box6