TINTIN  (04/30/2003)

UKC Intl CH Bibelot’s Tolka Tintanium Am/Can RA NAJ AADC OJP OAP UAG-1 JHD TDI  



Health Screening



tin vip

AKC Pointed

UKC Champion

Am/Can RA:  American & Canadian Rally Advanced

NAJ: Novice Agility Jumpers

AADC: Advanced Agility Dog of Canada

OJP: Open Agility Jumpers Preferred

OAP: Open Agility Preferred

UAG-1: UKC Agility Level One

JHD-s: Junior Herding Certificate with Sheep

TDI/Delta Society: Therapy Dog in two venues 

Show Time!

tin winners akcTinTin’s first point in AKC at 9 months

tin show TinTin’s first point CKC at just a year old


TinTin is my ‘Foundation Bitch’…. I hate using this term but basically it means that she is the Grand Dam, the one who started it all.   I started showing Tinny at the age of 2 months and she quickly earned her UKC Championship.  A dog has to be 18 months to earn a n international title through IABCA so we had time to practice in CKC and AKC before she got her Int’l Championship title.  She was what the judges in CKC and AKC called ‘an old fashioned type’ so didn’t do well in those venues.


TinTin has passed on her bomb-proof temperament to her puppies and their puppies… and their puppies.  She has a love of retrieving and water and she has passed that to her descendants too.  Her forte is finding and recovering objects.  One day I accidentally locked my keys in the car with TinTin and her daughter Nickel in the car.  I had the windows cracked just low enough that I couldn’t slip my arm through.  I told TinTin to hand me my keys and she recovered them from between the seats and carefully passed them through the crack in the window to me.tintin1.jpg

She also trained for a year in Search and Rescue.  She didn’t end up having the temperament for wilderness work but she excelled at the detail searching required for cadaver work.  She is methodical and persistent.


tin herd

TinTin sheeptintin herd

TinTin was the 6th poodle in the country to earn a Junior Herding Title.  She was, as she is in everything, a very solid and methodical worker.  She has left a legacy in herding instinct in her decendants too since two of her daughters and 4 of her grand children have passed their Herding Instinct Tests.  One of her grand daughers, Taura, has earned her JHD-s certificate.



TinTin earning her CKC Agility Open Title

Micalo and TinTin during an Agility Team Trial.  Micalo went with me to agility lessons with Corsa and TinTin.  He earned a first place in Novice Agility with Corsa and went on to compete with TinTin.  They were a great team.  Micalo was a neighbor who lived with his grandmother and, after watching me practice agility in my yard, decided he wanted to try.  We spent a summer going to lessons and a summer trialing.  The last year he told me that he couldn’t wait to go back to school and tell his friends that he’d been competing in dog trials all summer.  I warned him that it was best he didn’t tell his friends that it was with a Poodle.  He agreed.

micalo+001[1]Alphabet Soup Team

n_a[3]TinTin 2years old

n_a[2]AKC Agility



TinTin started working as a therapy dog when she was 2 years old.  She and I went to both an AIDS/Cancer hospice and a home for challenged adults.  We would have continued for more than the 4 years that we did this but new rules and regulations prohibited all dogs on a RAW diet from participating.  TinTin was the perfect dog for both environments because in the hospice she was able to lay quietly on a bed next to a terminal and fragile patient yet in the home for challenged adults she could interact more energetically showing off the myriad of tricks she knew.  Her favorite was one she modified on her own.  She was taught, when a patient sneezed, to go to a box of Kleenex to retrieve a tissue to the sneezer.  Of course it was so silly and fun most people couldn’t stop at one tissue so continued to sneeze for more.  On the third sneeze (and always the third) TinTin decided it was best to bring them the entire box.


Of all jobs TinTin has had I have to say her forte is in raising puppies and I don’t mean only her own.  Tinny has taken on her role as matriarch and Grand Dam with heart and soul. tinnickpups With every litter TinTin has taken up position as sentry and watched the whelping box as if it was her own.   She has placed her self in the doorway of the whelping room with each litter and monitored who comes and goes but not in a threatening or aggressive way.  If one of the other dogs (besides mom) tried to pass through the doorway she would place her body in such a way as to block and guide out of the room.  whlping box2When mom needs a break TinTin is there outside the whelping box keeping watch.  Her daughter Nickel took up the tradition and did the same for her sister Ico.  When Ico came to our house to have her litter, Nickel and TinTin was not only welcomed into the family but treated with royalty and protected the puppies as if they were their own.  Ico was comfortable enough with their care that she allowed Nickel in the whelping box while she nursed.

It truly takes a village to raise the children!


may 008

TinTin and Mica… and a baby

To me the most amazing demonstration of devotion was with Nickel’s first litter when she not only helped guard and clean the puppies, she actually produced milk and nursed them.  Her daughter Nickel has taken up the tradition

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