royale tango winners dog

Royale Tejas Tango


A little about Tango

Tango was his breeder and owners ‘heart dog.’  He was used in part of a training program as the neutral dog for some reactive clients.

royale tango winners  royale tango bw

Owned and bred by Paula Wilder, Tango was born June 11, 1998 and came from more unusual silver lines.  It is a pedigree low in %Wycliffe and OEA .

Wycliffe = 36.87
OEA = 3.36
MCB = 43.39

Sire to the Alchmys Royale Litter August 2010 using frozen semen


Blue, Andele’, Boomer, Mica and Rhodi

and soon to be Great Grandfather to Rhodi’s Alchmy River litter due in October 2016

Tango’s Ancestors

GREAT GRAND FATHER   Chantelle Swashbuckler

GRAND FATHERsavards silver soph Savards Silver Sophisticate

GREAT GRAND MOTHER savard's silver sassSavard’s Silver Symphony CD

FATHER royale encore in sterling AM CH Royale Encore In Sterling


GRAND MOTHER royale ragtime show Royale Ragtime CD

GREAT GRAND MOTHER savards silver sass jazz Savard’s Silver Sass


GREAT GRAND FATHER  Signature’s Masterpiece Ii

GRAND FATHER image450  AM CH Jateko Remington Steele

GREAT GRAND MOTHER  Jateko Moonlight Of Lu-Wyn

MOTHER royle cancion Royale Cancion De Jateko

GREAT GRAND FATHER AM CAN CH Lemerle Travellin’ Lite

GRAND MOTHER lockerbie tinytpe at j CH Lockerbie Tintype Of Jateko

GREAT GRAND MOTHER   Lockerbie Limberlost


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