(Available Frozen Semen)

Domtotem Yakutskiy Almaz

DOB:  3/18/2008


Health Screening


%MCB: 15.79  %W 14.36  %OEA:  1.03  COI(15): 22.3%

Stoli was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia

In 2008, Stoli and three of his litter mates were shipped to the United States by myself and several other breeders in an attempt to introduce new genetics to the standard poodle population in the United States.  Stoli has proven to be the gem that his Russian name infers, a diamond.  As it turns out, these three puppies have proven to have rather unusual genetic diversity and have been crucial for adding new genetics into the poodle population.  You can read more about this HERE


Stoli’s Dad

stoli dad

DomTotem Cheshirskiy Kot:

DOB:  3/15/1999
Height:  23.6 inches
Hips: B

Stoli’s Mom:

stoli mom
Dom Totem Kalink Malinka
She has won Best Bitch and Best Of Breed this past February in the biggest dog show in Russia.  



Snoozing with the Alchmy Clan


True Bliss
Stoli and Mica
 Stoli and Corsa
Stoli between TinTin and Nickel
Stoli and Belle’
 Stoli and Eureka
Stoli and Olivia
April 2011



He loves his retrieving!



Stoli Growing Up

First arrival in US at 8 wks… his litter brother is in the background



9 months


1 year

On his way to Sequim….. to his forever home with Joanne, Jack and Belle’


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