Pregnancy Time Line


Click above to follow Ally’s progression from insemination through pregnancy.  It’s a quick synopsis so you can get an idea of what this whole process is about.  I will also be blogging so you can learn more about Ally’s pregnancy and eventually the whelping and maturing of her litter.

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What does it look like for a mom to go through pregnancy? Well, of course everyone is different but it’s pretty surprising how consistent it can be from generation to generation.  Here we will get a little peek at Ally as she progresses from breeding to whelping by looking at her belly….  yup, it’s that simple.   The pictures are posted in a chronological order.

Day 46

growth and development is now rapid and Mom’s belly will begin to expand daily.  The puppies are 75% of their birth weight.  They are growing hair and their bones are ossified enough to see on xray.  They are looking like puppies!  Mom is starting to feel the pressure of the puppies on her organs and her appetite can be effected.  If she wasn’t sure about what was going on with her body, she is now. 

Day 38

There is little growth in the size of the puppies at this stage.  Most energy is going toward the growth and development of nervous system, limbs and vascular system.  You can see the baby bump is a little bigger but you wont see a major change for another 15 days.

Day 28

It’s now possible to palpate puppies.  The placenta is completely formed and about the size of a walnut.  The puppies are forming into recognizable fetuses but are almost indistinguishable from other mammals at this time.  Today we also do the ultrasound!

Day 21  

Eggs should now be implanted in the uterus.  Although they will start growing and changing at an incredible rate, there may not be a lot of physical change for Ally.  In another week it will be possible to palpate puppies which will be about the size of a walnut already.

Day 10 

Hopefully we have lots of little eggs floating around while they divide and grow.  They will be simply hanging out for a while before they attach to the uterus.  So far, there isn’t typically a lot of change in mom’s belly but he uterus is maturing and thickening as it prepares for the puppies so occasionally there will be a slight increase in width.

ALLY day10  Waist measurement = 20.0 inches

Day 5 (post ovulation)

ALLY DAY 5  Waist measurement = 19.0 inches