Alchmy’s 2011 litter (Stoli x Nickel)

ALCHMY Absolut LITTER 2011



NICKEL DOB: 6/10/2006

Am/Can Intl Ch UGrCh Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues Am/Can RA JHD CGC TDI VC

  nick ckc shownick ukc show cas3

READ more about Nickel


STOLI  DOB:  3/18/2008

Domtotem Yakutskiy Almaz


READ more about Stoli

Nickel’s puppies were born May 11, 2011 the sire was Stoli, DomTotem Yalkuskiy Almaz.  You can read about him on their blog HERE.


Traveling to their first Poodle Palooza 2011

This was my first litter that I didn’t dock tails or cut dewclaws.  In the previous litter I left the dewclaws on one puppy so I could experience myself what it was like.  I ended up keeping Mica and I have to say that I’m impressed by his dewclaws.  They are very well attached and have webbing just like his other toes.  He has even developed a pad on the dewclaw so I know that it is used.  After experiencing this litter, I will never dock a tail or remove dewclaws ever again.

There were 9 puppies in the litter (in birth order):

Alchmys Absolut Alexandria OA AXJ OF HIC

pur micalo 166

ally dokdvIMG_3392

Ally lives in Seattle, Washington in a home for performance.  She is training in Obedience, Agility and NoseWork but her Mom loves to try all kinds of things with her like Dock Diving, Barn Hunt and other dog sports.

Read more about Ally or her planned litter in October 2016

HR U-RO1 U-CDX, INTL Puppy Ch. Alchmys Absolut Taura Borealis JH CDX RA JHD-s CGC WCX RATI VC


ucdx hit taura (1)


taura herding


Taura, cousin Mica, mother Nickel and sister Ally. Approx 6 months old

FIELD WORK  tartaurawc20130324_0009  Taura is currently retired from field work due to her injuries to her back-end.  Luckily her owners are on top of things and doing aggressive rehab with her.  Presently she is doing Nose Work.  taura

Alchmys Absolut Prestigious Silver Wings


Mac Zulu lives in Texas and Mexico.  He lives in Texas on a large property where he gets to help with the cattle.   One day he refused to come to the house when called and his owner found him guarding a newly born calf.  Mac is also a gentleman who knows how to go out on the town.

 IMG_1144  mac2 

mac  mac3


Alchmys Absolut Kick In the Pantsgr

hazel and clooney

Hazel and brother Clooney about 2 years old

PP2013 (22 of 59)  IMG_3397

Hazel lives in Carnation, Washington where she trains in Nose Work and Obedience but  spends much of her time camping and snowshoeing.  Last summer she decided to show off in front of her sister and entered a Dock Diving competition..  she didn’t beat her sister but she did some spectacular jumping.  She’s quiet the athlete and her owners say that she’s lived up to her name, “Kick in the pants.”


Alchmys Absolut TNT

wh  scarlett puppy

Scarlett lives with her half-sister Fiona in the San Juan Islands.  She is the globe-trotter and travels with her parents to Palms Springs and other places.  Scarlett is an athlete just like her other sibs but it’s all recreational…meaning chasing bunnies and taking long long walks in the woods.

scarlett fiona

Scarlett and her half-sister Fiona


from iphone 072

Ally and Scarlett 10 months  


tar and scarHere’s what Scarlett’s dad had to say about her:

Called Scarlett, Scarlee, Silver Bullet.

In the 55 years of owning 7 standards, Scarlett is the sweetest, best mannered,  loving canine friend I have ever had. Except when she has the scent or sound of anything with four legs nearby and food that is nearby. She turned fully silver by age 3, and does not have an ounce of fat on her. Like her sister Fiona, she eats frozen Darwin raw meats along with Honest Kitchen Force daily. Her weight averages between 39-44 lbs.

 She is very athletic, very fast, takes corners on the lure run at 90 degree angles running like the stallion she is. She outruns border collies in straight speed and doesn’t care much for agility and training stuff. A very friendly dog who interacts with humans as if they were fast friends and other dogs as pals except for the bigger, dumber models that try to muscle her around. Some days she runs like the wind being chased, other days she attempts to get other dogs to chase her, and others she just sniffs around. Whimsical on everything except expressing her love for us.

 She is a food thief and we can’t leave her along with butter or meat of any kind within reach. Same for socks, and often slippers and even shoes. At almost 5 she still likes to be chased by us trying to get our socks back. Even  more fun when her little sister Fiona jumps into the fray full speed and we have a hurricane through the entire house.

 She adapted to her little Energizer Bunny sister Fiona well. Scarlett is very laid back and puts up with a lot of in her face tugging and pushing and shoving by Fiona. An occasional big sister growl and snap solves the issue.

 As we live in the woods on a gravel road we have to keep Scarlett on a leash as she runs off with all the scents and sounds, and has no idea what a car is. She is very birdy and almost points at times with a fierce intensity. She will wander away if off leash so she stays on unless we are in an enclosed spot.

 Scarlett is a very loving, nose touching friend who is almost always within my sight. When I go up and down the stairs, like Ivana, her predecessor, she bumps alongside all the way, occasionally nipping at my fingertips. She has the most beautiful eyes and I swear she is talking to me when I look at her.


Alchmys Absolut Leading Man CGC TD HIC

orcloonie  IMG_3398

Clooney lives in Seattle, Washington with three Cat sisters. He is owned by a first time dog owner who puts some of us experienced trainers to shame with her natural understanding of dog language and the voracious study of all things ‘dog.’  He too does a lot of camping, running, Nose Work and snowshoeing and agility.


What Clooney’s mom has to say about him:

·      Earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) before he was 2 years old
◊     Passed his sheep herding instinct test with flying colors
♥     Holds a Novice Trick Dog Performance Title from “Do More with Your Dog”
•     Loves agility
♦     Sleeps in a ball like a cat
∗     Is teased and tortured daily by the neighborhood squirrels
♣    Believes the UPS truck is a vessel of danger  
∴    Addicted to milkbones (against Carol’s blessing)
♠     Considers “kitty roca” a culinary delight
⊗   Sits by the front door at 7PM almost every night, waiting for “Dad” to get home. 
∼     Will love you for treats.


Alchmys Absolut Diamond In the Skyy



Grandma TinTin at play with Kozmo

KozmoHe lives with his dad (Stoli) and his auntie (Belle’,  Nickel’s sister).  His human parents are the amazing Hosts of our yearly Poodle Palooza.  They have worked with Kozmo in Nosework and obedience.

kozIMG_1075  IMG_3399

C-ATCH Alchmys Absolut Pleasure MX AXJ NJP XF T2B  


Rush lives in Portland, Oregon with his Auntie Dancer.  He does a lot of running, training and competing in Agility.  Pink boy. Last year Rush had the honor of being the number 8 dog in the Power Ten Agility dogs in the country. 



rush and dancer

Rush left and aunt Dancer right

Alchmys Absolut Countess Of Lovelace HIC Junior DD RATI


Lacey lives in Bellevue, Washington and is hoping to have a new niece living with her this Fall.  Lacy is an athlete of the air and very thing she does is 4 feet off the ground.  She’s well-known at the dog park because she goes there to play almost every day.  A few summers ago her parents happened to be a fair where there was a Dock Diving event.  Knowing how much she loves to jump into the water they decided to give it a try.  She ended up winning first place in the Novice division with a jump of 10 feet.  Although she never does any training, every summer she competes in the Salmon Days Dock Diving competition and never disappoints the crowd.  This year she made it to the Junior level with a jump of 15 feet.

DSC50308  laceylaceywedding10413431_10155675171045048_4049738630735059485_n10897941_10156104074515048_5177033764829641230_n


 lacey herdingIMG_3394     

Growing up Absolut

nickel and pups

fiona scarlet taura

Fiona, Scarlett and Taura

adventure3green hazelfirst time seeing a carhomeward boundnickel with puppyIMG_1473ally and lacey adventure1 adventure2IMG_2558 IMG_2546 IMG_1137 IMG_1857 IMG_1782 IMG_1998 IMG_2375

3 thoughts on “Alchmy’s 2011 litter (Stoli x Nickel)”

  1. Good grief, what fun photos….


  2. Melissa Blazak said:

    What fun to grow up Alchmy! I am extremely happy that so many are having fun with their poodles. They sound like a really great bunch of well-rounded individuals. Go Poodle Power!


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