Past Alchmy Litter Blogs

Over the course of 10 years I have had a total of 4 litters.  In the world of breeding that isn’t a lot and I am still learning and adjusting how I interpret health, temperament and structure, how I approach my breeding goals and the techniques I use to whelp and raise a litter.  What has never changed is my commitment to do my very best for the breed and more importantly for my puppy owners.  When I first sat down with a pen and paper I and worked on my long term goals and priorities.  Over the years I return to that paper and adjust my thinking and shift around my priorities and every time it’s a challenge because who can say which should be sacrificed?… every time you prioritize you have to sacrifice something.   In the end I realized that it’s a shifting and expanding concept that changes as new studies are created about temperament, genetics or puppy development and as new testing becomes available that aids in our choices for sires and dams or which puppies to keep out of a litter for the next generation.

If you care to take the time and follow the blog excerpts from each of the Alchmy litters you will see many things that I do remains the same but there is a lot of adjustment and hopefully improvement to how I plan and raise each generation.


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