UCH Alchmy’s Royale Super Rhodium Power

Rhodi New Champion2

rhodi day 14

Rhodi was the fifth and last puppy born on August 3, 2010.  I assign a color to every puppy and have made it a tradition that each order is given the same color in every litter, hence her color Orange.  She now lives with her oldest brother, Mica (he was purple boy), Lou their 15-year-old rescue poodle, Baxter (a very tolerant cat), chickens, fish, walking stick bugs, bees, snakes, two human boys, Graham and Keeler, one human girl, Laine, and two human adults Bob and Anne.  All together they create the Frangooles Family or more commonly known as Poodleranch.

Frangooles Family

I hate to tell you but Rhodi is the one with the antlers and nose.

The Frangooles family was generous enough to keep Rhodi un-spayed so I could use her in my breeding program.  All my poodles are an integral part of my family so I can only have a few.   So had they not been willing to do this we wouldn’t be looking forward to her puppies now.  I’ve been able to help them out from time to time when Rhodi was in heat by having her stay at my house and this has helped her maintain a relationship with my girls which will help tremendously when Rhodi has her puppies.  I like to believe that the ‘village’ raises the children so I hope Rhodi’s Auntie, Nickel and Grandmother, TinTin will be a part of this endeavor.  Having adult dogs around to help discipline and nurture puppies is wonderful and in this household we’ll have plenty of children to help with that too…. oh and cats, chickens, etc…..

rhodi spends the night

DOB:  8/04/2010

Weight:  47 pounds

Height: 23 inches

Color Genetics: BB Ee:  Carries for Cream and Apricot



Rhodi growing coat for showing. 5 years old.




Rhodi growing up

Notice the very dramatic color changes (and hair styles) she has gone through.   She was a late clearing blue, meaning she didn’t ‘silver out’ until about 5 years old.  This is not uncommon for a Blue.


Rhodi and her brother Mica 9 months old. Mica is in show-coat.


3 years old


2 years old


Did you ever wonder about grooming for the show ring?  Here’s a before and after picture of our Rhodi.   What a difference…. eh?

rhodi with tons o hair

5 years old….. just before getting cut into ‘pattern’ for the show ring


rhodi and ball2 rhodi-hair


rhodi110just a few years short of 6 and still going strong

Playing at the show site…….

rhodi-play-puppy rhodie-and-nickel


Auntie Nickel (AKC/CKC BBE UGRCH MBIS Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-l Blues AKC/CKC RA JHD RATN CGC VCX)



Mom:  UCH Int’l Ch Alchmys Magic Indigo Curls RAE CGC HCT

icoofa   ICO   ico IMG_8898   Check out Ico’s page


tango1  TANGO tangoshow 

Check out Tango’s page 


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