Nickel (Retired)

Am/Can Ch Reserve BIS Int’l Ch BIS-GrCH Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues   Am/Can RA CGC JHD TDI  DN RATO NI NV NE VCX

 nickel and 3wk old puppies

Health Screening



(Am/Can Ch Reserve BIS Int’l Ch BIS-GrCH)

CKC New Champion


AKC New Champion



Spray up for going into the Best In Show Ring

UKC New Grand Champion


Look Ma….. No Hair Spray!

micalo 020

Eukenuba International Invitational Show

Because Nickel was show in AKC exclusively in the Bred By Exhibitor (BBE) class she was one of 25 standard poodles invited to competing at the  Eukenuba  Show.  One of my dreams for showing was to show a poodle to its championship in a Historical Clip.  It didn’t take long to realize that I had no hopes to finish a championship this way due to politics so I felt that the Eukenuba show was a way to satisfy this goal as it gave me the opportunity to show a proven champion in this clip.

Waiting in the Grooming area

micalo 178

micalo 027

We were positioned between two world-class MBIS Champions, Micah and Yes…. A little intimidating to say the least. For me it was like being on the Red Carpet in Hollywood surrounded by all the Stars.

micalo 177

I heard comments from every angle.  I had judges come up to me in the grooming area and THANK me for doing this.  I had other exhibitors and guests do the same. I also heard nasty comments behind my back.  But that’s okay because I knew that showing in the HCC would annoy a few people.  My sister was at the show with me, video tapping Nickle and I in the ring.  Later, while watching the film we heard someone ask, “Why is that poodle in that kind of clip?” and the answer came from someone I’ve known for years (she has BIS well-known dogs) say, ” She’s clipped like that because the owner is too lazy to keep up a show coat.”  That’s the sad attitude about Poodles in the show world. Sadly I wasn’t too surprised to hear such a comment as they say, “If you want to show you must have a leather hide.”  Bringing Nickel to that show and showing her in an HCC was one of the highlights of showing.  The other highlight was going into tan AKC Best In Show Ring after having won Group First over a nationally known American Eskimo.   Nickel was as high as a kite and so was I.    But enough of the show talk!  Let’s have some fun……

nickel nickel-sits




Bred By Exhibitor

Group 1st

Puppy Group 1st & 2nd

CKC Ch: 

Group 1st & 2nd

Group 1st & 3rd Puppy

Peach of a Puppy  (out of 36 puppies)

 Int’l Ch: 

Reserve Best in Show

Bred By Exhibitor Best In Show

Reserve Best Puppy In Show


Best in Show x 2

Multiple Group 1, 2 & 3

CGC:  Canine Good Citizen

AKC & CKC RA:   Rally Obedience Advanced

JHD-s:  Junior Herding Dog sheep

TDI & Delta Dog:  Therapy Dog International

VCX: Versitility Poodle Certificate Excellent

NW1: FIRST LEG *Pronounced*


DN : Dock Dog Novice

Agility: legs toward NA and NAJ

RATO:  Barn Hunt Open

NI NV NE: UKC  Nosework Novice Interior, Vehicle, Exterior



Nickel was the 6th poodle in the country to get her JHD title.  TinTin was the 5th!  The JHD is the highest certificate title given out by the All Breed Herding Association.  This association accepts Poodles as a Herding Breed.

nick-herds6 nick-herds5 nick-herds4 Nick-herding

micalo 045

nickel herding decherding2_2

I was showing Nickel in AKC and CKC conformation while she was taking herding lessons. She finished her AKC championship and of course I wanted to cut off all that ridiculous hair but I decided that it would be fun to film Nickel herding in full show coat. Click the picture to see….



nick jumps

3 years old

It’s fun to watch the other breed owners when they see a poodle on the dock and can’t believe what they’re seeing.  We went to one trial in Eastern Washington… it was sponsored by a hunting group.  I had Nickel wear her camo neoprene vest and the announcer kept calling her Rambo.  ha ha ha.


10 years old



forblog 014NoseWork:  1st place *pronounced* indoor search competing against 34 other dogs!


UKC Scent Work:  1st place indoor search competing against 34 other dogs!




Nickel and her daughter Ally:  Winners at latest Barn Hunt competition.  Nickel earned her Open title with a first place and High In Class.



TinTin and Nickel

micalo 241  IABCA Nickel champ bisnickel with puppycropped-nickel-and-pups.jpgNickel UKC champ


Retrieving a pigeon at 3 months old


3 thoughts on “NICKEL”

  1. Heidi Skerratt said:

    Hi Vickki,

    My sister, Amy Church, met you a d your poodles at a dog show a few years back. She really liked your poodles! I am currently looking for a show prospect female. Do you have anything available or can you refer me to someone you know and trust?

    Thank you.


    • Suzanne Moore said:

      We are looking fo our eighth standard poodle pup, and I love the look of Nickel. We are in Delaware and it seems harder and harder to find good breeders. Do you have any upcoming litters? We are looking for a male in black, brown, blue or grey. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Cynthia Dimonde said:


    Hi it’s Cynthia your long lost friend who use to be an anesthesia tech at Virginia Mason while you were a perfusionist.
    I’m so glad to see all of the pictures of you and your babies. I remember when you were transforming your garage into a grooming studio years and years ago! I’m in Seattle for the weekend with my daughter she is 18 now and a freshman at WSU.
    Just wanted so dearly to make some sort of contact. I heard your voice on the videos and tears came to my eyes.
    If your free ever for a visit I live across the water in Poulsbo and would love to come see you and the gang.
    Please feel free to email/ text/call (360)-551-0199


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