Alchmys 2016 Litter (Ricky x Rhodi)

Alchmys OVATION Litter

Expected OCTOBER 13, 2016



rhodi-and-ricky7bRicky and Rhodi

Click HERE to see Rhodi and Ricky getting to know each other


DAD- Cedar River Top Gun of Tudorose 

Ricky Comes from a long line of Hunting Poodles which is clear through his love of water and enthusiastic retrieving. His owner is working with him on field work and she hopes that some day he follows in his mother’s foot steps as a hunting competitor


ricky8 ricky7  


 Learn about Ricky

He’s not just a working dog, he is a loved family member who knows how to play hard but settle in for the night…  he has the proverbial ‘off switch.’

Gail, Ricky’s owner and breeder follows the same minimal vaccination and raw diet protocol that I do.  This means that the puppies will be a FOURTH generation minimal and raw on the dam’s side and SECOND generation on the sire’s side.  There have been a few studies supporting the belief that both of these practices, over several generations, improve health of the immune system and longevity.


MOM-  Alchmys Royale Super Rhodium Power

 Rhodi too comes from a long line of talented competitive poodles.  She is an avid retriever with Energizer-Bunny energy.  Luckily, she also has an off switch and can snuggle in when appropriate.  She doesn’t live with me but with a family (and her brother Mica) but we have a very close relationship.  I have spent many weeks ‘baby’ sitting her since she was a wee pup and she is as comfortable hanging out with her Auntie Nickel or Grand-mom TinTin as she is laying among a pile of kids at home.  The puppy you see in the picture below is actually Ricky’s daughter and Rhodi and she just met.  Little Fergie is testing the waters with Rhodi and did just fine.

Rhodi is in heat and will be bred next week, Aug 12=14th.  We’re very excited about her first (and only) litter.


Learn more about Rhodi

Rhodi will be 6 years old in Aug and has been a healthy active girl all these years.  Like all her grandmother, mother and siblings she has been on a Raw food diet and minimal vaccination protocol her entire life.  You can read more about the benefits both on these pages:  Raw Diet and Vaccinations. 


Litter Information

I am really excited about the up coming litter between Ricky and Rhodi.  They compliment each other in so many ways both physically and structurally.

They are both enthusiastic dogs with a zest for life, love children, get along with other dogs, love to swim and fetch.  Structurally they are similar and they both have exceptional chests (width and depth), great pelvic angulation, nice heads and perfect feet.  I hope that Ricky will add some length of neck and under-jaw to the puppies (like he has in some of his other litters).

Both mom and dad come from several generations of Raw Diet and Minimal vaccinations.

We expect puppies in blue but there is a chance there will be cream/apricot.


VGL of Litter

Ricky and Rhodi vgl

Genetic distance:  0.667

Relatedness: -0.085

# Homozygous: average= 9.25  minimum= 6.41 maximum= 12.09

IR: average (based on 10,000 puppies)= -0.047  minimum= -0.347  maximum= 0.278

%MCB: 47.57

% Wycliffe: 41.46

%OEA:  4.09

COI 10 Generations:

COI 15 Generations:

For an interpretation of these calculations please click here  (coming soon) DNACritters


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