Litters 2006-2016


Past Litters


Over the course of 10 years I have had a total of 4 litters.  In the world of breeding that isn’t a lot and I am still learning and adjusting how I interpret health, temperament and structure, how I approach my breeding goals and the techniques I use to whelp and raise a litter.  What has never changed is my commitment to do my very best for the breed and more importantly for my puppy owners.

puppies (16 of 26)

If you care to take the time and follow the blog excerpts from each of the Alchmy litters you will see many things that I do remains the same but there is a lot of adjustment and hopefully improvement to how I plan and raise each generation.

Alchmys Magic Litter:   June 2006m

puppies day one 010



My Foundations Bitch, TinTin

Alchmys Royale Litter:  August 2010

Alchmy2010pupsIMG_0119 6


Alchmys Absolut Litter:  May 2011


Alchmys TNT Litter:   April 2012

422pm 007424 007

Future Litters

Alchmys  Litter:    Due Sept 2016



Alchmys Wonderbar Litter:  Due Oct 2016





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