Learn about how Alchmy Poodles approaches a variety of health related topics to produce and promote happy Standard Poodle puppies.  I hope to demystify some aspects of minimal vaccinations, raw canine diet, effects of early spay/neuter, theoretical results of tail docking and dewclaw removal and what’s new in DNA genetic testing.  You’ll also find a variety of r links and references for your own research and continued education.

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Today more and more veterinarians are questioning whether traditional vaccination practices are healthy for our canine friends.  Would you like to learn a little about new protocols and why I urge my puppy owners to follow them? 


logo tails2 

Another hot topic today with breeders, veterinarians, dog-sports competitors and pet owners.  Why are we finding it better to leave tails and dewclaws natural?



No one wants to see stray dogs or dogs abandoned in shelters so why would anyone wait to spay/neuter their pet?  I hope to explore this question here and explain why I ask that my puppy owners wait for puppy maturity before doing this surgery.



More and more people are feeding a raw diet to their pets.  Just 10 years ago it was highly controversial but today many veterinarians are on board with this healthy alternative diet.  Is this for you and your puppy?  

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Did you know that 70 percent of standard poodles in the United States are so closely related that  they are genetically equal to brother/sister? Some breeders are using DNA testing to aid in their breeding programs to choose compatible mates.  Although it’s testing in its infancy there is great potential in the role of genetics and general Standard Poodle health.

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