Field Trips


One of our favorite things to do is figure out new ways to expose our puppies to the world.  Here’s a list of places we’ve gone with earlier litters

The benefits of Field Trips

Stimulates all the senses

Exposes puppies to strange and new noises that can’t realistically be reproduced from recordings.  The puppy experiences life sounds that vary in volume, vibration, pitch and intensity.   There is a definite place for the use of ‘sound recordings’ in helping puppies adapt to sounds but dogs are highly sensitive to the vibrations they feel in their bodies and ear drums.

Exposes puppies to a huge variety of people who can’t be reproduced by visitors to the home.  People coming into our home gives puppies a different experience than meeting or seeing people of all ages, ethnicity, body type, smell and/or size.  When puppies meet people in a real life experience it gives them a different perspective.  Remember that dogs do not generalize.  If people are only met in their home environment than they become familiar to people in their home… elsewhere.

Field trips require somewhat complex and time-consuming preparation that also helps puppies adjust to a real world.  They are put into crates and placed into the car.  They experience what it is like to be in a crate, in a moving vehicle, the smell of new environments, changes in temperature and of course the immersion of their final destination.



  • Hardware Departments

  • Construction Sites

  • Storage Units

  • Malls

  • Pet Stores

  • Other Homes

  • Training Facilities


Visit to The Fun Zone

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Storage Unit


Other Homes and lots O’Kids


Building Construction

The Great Out of Doors


  • Rivers, Streams and Lakes

  • Woods

  • Parks

  • Play grounds



Tiger Mountain ⇒⇒  TNT Litter

The Cedar River⇒⇒  Absolut Litter


Beaver Lake ⇒⇒   TNT Litter