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Meet Tudorose Henrietta Anne.  Those who have know her since puppy-hood have referred to her as Dixie Chick or The Tazmanian Devil but mostly just fondly as Dixie.

She is a multitalented girl and at the age of 12 1/2 is still going strong.  Most youngsters would be put to shame going up against this senior!  She is half sister to my dear girl Eureka (not in my breeding program) and mom to 3 litters by Jac Harbor of Tudorose puppies and one litter by her her owner Gail Wilson.  It is this last litter where our wonderful boy Ricky came from.  She was bred to a German/Swedish import named Newman (Gultaken Silver Hombre).

On this page you can learn a little more about Dixie and all the wonderful titles she’s earned and sports in which she’s participated.

So enough of this chit chat…  Let’s meet Dixie!

Champion Winnings

dixie-UKC-CH Dixie-UKC-CH-with-Ribbons


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Her owner Gail wrote this about her, “Dixie successfully qualified for the third leg of her AKC Junior Hunter title this past weekend at St. Louis Ponds in Gervais, OR.  It was an extremely challenging test with land retrieves in tall grass, heavy scotch broom and a large stand of trees in the background.  The first water retrieve was across the pond and on land about 30 feet from the water in heavy grass.  When I released her she took a sidewise step indicating she wanted to “bank run”.  I said NO and pointed to the pond…she swam across and retrieved the duck.  This duck and one of the land retrieves were live flyers.  The second water retrieve was straight forward in the water at the far end of the pond.  She retrieved the duck and on the return became entangled in a seven foot tree limb in the form of a V with another limb across the two ends forming a triangle.  Here comes Dixie never letting go of the duck with her head in the middle of the limbs making her way across the pond looking very much like a little tug with barge in tow.  She came all the way on shore stepped out of the limbs and delivered the duck to my hand.  At the award ceremony, the judge gave Dixie a special acknowledgement for her great effort in the water.”

Dock Diving



dixie-herding2 dixie-herding

Progeny by other Breeders

Dixie puppy Enzo