Bringing Up Baby


Ever wonder what’s involved in raising a litter of puppies?



A lot goes into the planning of a litter before puppies go to their new homes and most people are aware of the obvious steps like choosing a stud, doing health testing, planning the breeding, helping mom during whelping and raising the puppies. What happens behind the scenes is easily unknown to most people.  This is even more true when a breeder takes the extra steps to prepare puppies for 

So what important work goes into exceptional mental and physical development?  In this section I’ll go over a variety of environmental aspects that help puppies develop into physically sound and intellectually vibrant and confident adults by challenging mental development and physical growth  I’ll share with you my puppy raising practices through a glimpse at the whelping room setup, puppy socialization,  field trips and an introduction to grooming.  

logo setup  Descriptions and photos of past litter setups.  This includes the whelping box, equipment and indoor and outdoor environment.


A critical aspect of puppy rearing….  introducing them to a variety of people, children, dogs and other animals both in the home and away.


All the really cool places the puppies get to visit in their 10-12 weeks with us.  This includes:  shopping malls, construction sites, storage units, dump stations, parks, forests, rivers, schools and other people’s homes.


Poodles face a lifetime of grooming.  It’s best to introduce them at a young age to prepare them for all aspects of shaving, scissoring, bathing, ear cleaning and nail clipping.