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HEIGHT:  23.5 inches

WEIGHT:  47 pounds

Her Family

howard and allyally3

Ally lives in Seattle, Wa with her owners Claudia and Howard and her poodle brother, Jessie.  Ally has been a part of my life too, along with her mother, Nickel and grandmother, TinTin.  She ‘hangs out’ with us while her parents are away and she and Jessie frequently spend hours with us romping in the Cascade Mountains.  Claudia is an avid dog sports enthusiast and spends several days a week in a variety of classes.  Neither she nor Ally are afraid to try something new.


Ally earned her Jungsten IABCA Championship along with her sister Taura.

pictured below are Taura, Mica, Nickel and Ally.



Ally and her brother Rush were number 2 and 6 for 24″ poodles in the country for 2017 POWER 10 AGILITY



ally tunnel

CLICK these pics to SEE ALLY’S RUNS

ally jump   ally-table

Nose Work

Barn Hunt

nickel ally

Ally and Mom Nickel.  Ally earned a 3rd place in Novice and Nickel earned her Open Title with a HIC and first place.

Dock Dog  

NUMBER 1 POODLE in the country 2016

Ally has just been invited to the 2016 Eukanuba National Championship after qualifying in the Masters Division with er ‘Personal Best’ jump of 24 feet.


Click this picture to watch Ally’s first jump into the water… at 11 weeks old. She obviously was preparing for her future as a Dock Dog star.










ally dokdv

Click here to see Ally’s jump where she earned qualifying jumps to Eukenuba (2016)



Ally earns her Masters Level Title and Mom Nickel earns her Novice Level Title at 10 years old.  Click picture to see one of Ally’s jumps



Ally earning her Herding Instinct Test

Ally’s mom herding. Both mom and grand mom have their Junior Herding titles.

 Lure Coursing


A smorgasbord of pictures

ally bed  ally-and-claually2
outdoors from 4 weeks

Ally’s Grandma and Mom…. She is about 5 weeks old here.

ally and clooney

Playing with her brother Clooney

all the best

Ally and her sibs getting some socialization at All The Best Pet Store. She is the lucky girl in the lap.

may12 032

Sister, Hazel, with green collar and Ally bumping heads. Around 2 weeks old.



may16 006

ally pup