Alchmys SPRING 2017 Litter (Phoenix x Ally)

Alchmys WUNDERBAR Litter






There are so many good things to say about this planned litter.  Phoenix and Ally are both highly intelligent and athletic poodles with unique genetic backgrounds.  Ally’s dad was an import from Russia and his mom is from old silver lines.  Phoenix lives in Germany and like Ally  has some unusual ancestry.  My goal, of course, was to produce a litter with genetic diversity and ‘on paper’ it looks pretty great.  If you’d like, you can read more about Ally’s Dad, Stoli and her Mom Nickel  on their personal pages.   This will be Ally’s first and only litter and she’ll be raising the puppies with her mother and grandmother who were both excellent mothers in their own right.   Ally is out of my breeding but is owned by my good friend Claudia.  We decided that Ally would be more comfortable staying home for the whelping and rearing of her litter so, believe it or not, the entire Alchmy gang is moving to Seattle and will be living together for the next 4 months!  Look out Claudia!

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A Little About The Breeding


The planning of this litter has been a very interesting event and I have a feeling that the adventure has just begun, you see Phoenix lives in Altendorf, Bavaria, Germany with his owner, Bianca.
Bamberg view pshopBecause I feel it’s important to get to know the sires of my litters I took a flight to Germany last April (2016) to meet Phoenix and help coordinate the collection, freezing and shipping of his little swimmers.


phoenix new

Why am I going to such extremes to make this happen?  Well, my breeding program’s focus is on breeding for diversity and there are some unusual ancestors in Phoenix’s pedigree and unusual genetics.


Thank You to everyone who’s inquired about this litter.  At this time we’re not taking any more applications.

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Litter Information

 From raw diet to minimal vaccinations, from field trips and socialization to special puppy preparation for living a strong and healthy lives, there’s a lot that goes into raising my litters. .  Click the link below to learn about it all.


 Wunderbar Litter Diveristy Caluations


Pheonix x Ally