Alchmy’s 2012 Litter (Rudy x Nickel)




Nickel (6/10/2006)

Am/Can Intl Ch UGrCh Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues Am/Can RA JHD CGC TDI RATN VC

nick nosework ribbon

Nose Work Pronounced

micalo 045 _MG_4815


Rudy ( 11/05/2008)

GMJCH, URO3, CAS, CH Karbits TNT Rudolph Valentino CDI, JH, RAE, TT, WC, PCA WC, HIC, CGN


RudyPCA2012a-418x410 Rudy water2

Rudy is a big dog in a small package.  He loves to work and he has energy to spare.  I met his owner, Melissa on FaceBook and just couldn’t get over how talented she and Rudy are… if they decide they are going to try a new dog sport they usually end up

Meet the 6 Puppies of the this litter

This was Nickel’s second (and last) litter. I chose Rudy because he is a fabulous athlete with a super temperament.  He is also a Klein standing at about 19 inches.  I’ll be DNA/VGL testing a number of the male puppies in hopes that they might provide some genetic diverity in future generations.  Since they were born in 2012 it will be a number of years before they are actually used.

Alchmys TNT Boudreaux

DSC_2423red3DSC_2427red2DSC_2437 redDSC_2433 Red1

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bu4 (1)

sbu5  bou and bbou and friends

Bou lives in Seattle, Washington where he spends a lot of time at his owner’s training facility, The FunZone.  He has done some training in Barn Hunt, Obedience and Agility.  Bou has been ‘collected’ and may someday be used in our breeding program.  Click to go to his PAGE.  Bou’s sister’s name is Houdini and she is a pitbull terrier.  She and Bou are best of buddies…. and Bou has been known to push his limits with her patience….

Alchmys TNT Banjo

DSC_2666 purpleDSC_2676 purpleDSC_2651 purpleDSC_2667 purple

IMG_0276 thyr here 023DSCB01530  BanjoonMicaKnollDaffodilsLindaBanjo

Banjo lives in Bozeman, Montana where he spends much of his day parolling his property making sure the local deer don’t jump the fence.  He will be getting health testing done in the future to see if he is a good candidate to father a few litters.  I like to have the boys mature to at least 5 years before they are used ‘at stud’ so we aren’t in a big hurry at the moment.  Banjo may also be used some day in our program but he has lots of growing up and testing still to be completed.  In the future click HERE to go to his page.

Alchmys TNT Sergeant Von Green

DSC_2356 orangeDSC_2347orangeDSC_2192 orangeDSC_2240orange

sargsarg2  Sarge visits Auntie Rhodi! (Boomer’s sister)  2016

DSC_2125 orangepuppies (25 of 26)  sarg1sarg2

Sarge lives in Amarillo, Texas.  He is a big boy who loves the water which is great because he spends a lot of time on a boat, cooling down, in the summer.  He also gets to visit his Auntie Boomer a few times a year because Boomer is owned by his owner’s daughter.

Alchmys TNT Epic Adventure

DSC_2506 yellowDSC_2520 yellow DSC_2513 DSC_2509

DSC_2716 green    epicstandDSC_2503 yellow4 12 024    epicboat

Epic  lives in Helena, Montana in a house filled with talented dogs.  His owner loves to train and is always participating in some type of dog sport.  This winter Epic started training in carting and Ski-jouring but he’s also competing in Agility and Dock Diving epic  

Dock Diving


Out Doors Fun


Lure Coursing

Alchmys TNT Generation Suivante

DSC_2730 green DSC_2758 green  DSC_2746 green - Copy DSC_2716 green


chelleyDSC_2055 blueDSCB01609puppies (10 of 26) 4 12 004Chelley lives in Colorado with his uncle, Guy.  They are super lucky puppies because they spend half their time in the city and the other half on their 70 acres up in the mountains.  Chelley loves to cross country ski and run.  He too might be used in our breeding program in the future and you’ll be able to click HERE to see more information.

Alchmys TNT Fiona

.DSC_2570 blue puppies (4 of 26)puppies (6 of 26) DSC_2550 blue

fiona11  BlueGirl4fiona5  fiona9fiona1 007fiona and family

Fiona, also known as The Killer Bee, lives with her half sister Scarlett in the San Juan Islands, Washington.  She’s called a killer bee because she is really tiny (about 18 inches) and moves with the speed of light… and as a puppy had a propensity for grabbing ankles with her sharp needle teeth.  She is the only girl from a litter of 4 brothers and she was definitely Queen Bee.

fiona  This is what Fiona’s Dad has to say about her:

Called Fiona, Fee, Black Devil.

 In the 55 years of having 7 standards, this moyenne ball of fire is the cuddliest, expressive, most highly agile literally 24/7 Energizer Bunny I have ever seen.  She has lustrous, shiny black hair, a beautifully framed long face, and is in great shape. Sort of a miniature version of her father Rudy.

 Fiona is laser-like in her intensity at everything she does. She will go full speed 20-25 throws in a row to catch a ball thrown on the fly or off the bounce high in the air and return for another at full speed. She can almost keep up with her big sister Scarlett but being about half the size with shorter legs it is hard to catch a flying racehorse. But she hangs in and is right on Scarlett’s wing. She brooks no wiseguy male dogs sniffing where she doesn’t want them, and trespassers are greeted by a row of snarling shiny white teeth. They all slink away and remember. Fiona, after all, was the runt girl with 5 big brothers and she ran over them all. She still does.

 Like Scarlett she likes her chow but does not sit and stare until it appears as does Scarlett. She also eats in a more sedate manner; the only thing she does that is sedate.

 We are awakened daily by her long, slender tongue giving us licks in the face along with this cuddly beautiful black ball of fur nestling up against us. That ends with a full leap off the bed and ready to hit the road in an instant. She chases Scarlett up and down the stairs and all over the dog runs when not retrieving and easily leaps the six plus foot distance from the bottom step of the stairs to the couch on the fly. She hits our two piece sectional so hard we have to push it back together all the time.

 She loves to tug and flip and chase all sorts of dog toys. She naps by shoving pillows and couch cushions into piles and curling up in between them. She loves riding in the car and shoves her way into the front seat. If Scarlett is on the front passenger seat, Fiona squeezes and pushes back with her rear until Scarlett gives up and goes into the back or they both just stay squished into the corner by the door. When we are both in the car Fiona rides shotgun on the console, reminding me of the radar in my former airplane: searching left and right, right to left, nonstop. She is the watchdog of the two and when the visitors come in it is like a child going nuts seeing something she loves.


Some Misc Alchmy TNT Pictures

fiona and nic eurekaIMG_0154 puppies (19 of 26)fiona and scarlett Vikki (2 of 9) _MG_4707_MG_4819fiona8Vikki (3 of 9)_MG_4844DSCB01592may 018DSCB01408