Alchmy’s 2010 Litter (Tango x Ico)



Last litter with docked tails and removed dewclaws. I didn’t take the dewclaws from Mica because I wanted to see for myself what were the affects before forcing my puppy owners to deal with it.  From my observations with Mica, the dewclaw is used like all the other toes.  You can read some of the medical ramifications of removing dewclaws here>  It was this litter that made me realize that tail docking was more than simply removing a small piece of bone at the end of a tail.   Tails are usually removed when the puppy is 3-4 days old.  In theory the puppy is too young to feel the amputation and there are no side affects.  The day I had these puppys’ tails removed they were vigorously nursing with their tails going like little helicopters…. fast and furious.  After the procedure those tails never wagged the same way.  At that time I realized that I would never dock again… and I couldn’t me more happy.


UKC Int’l Ch Alchmys Magic Indigo Curls RAE HCT CGC




Royale Tejas Tango


click for more info

Tango is one of those ‘champions’ who isn’t a champion.  He earned 15 of the 16 point, including two Majors, to earn his championship.


Meet the 5 Puppies from this litter

This was Ico’s one and only litter.  She whelped 5 puppies on August 3, 2010.

Ico came to stay with me.  She fit in well with the girls

There were 3 girls and 2 boys.

Alchmy’s Royale Andele’

DSC_0318dele 1

Dele’ lives in Arazona with Tango’s breeder.  Paula got Dele’ in hopes of showing her and as you can see, Dele’ is a gorgeous girl.  Unfortuanely she also has a very

Alchmy’s Royale Bleu

Bleu lives in Spokane, Washington.

Alchmy’s Royale Ceylon 8

Boomer lives in North Bend, Wa and will be getting a baby brother and sister this fall from her niece, Rhodi’s litter.

Alchmy’s Royale Super Rhodium Power


Rhodi  lives in Bellevue, Washington and is going to be one of our Moms for Alchmy Poodles.  She takes after her mom with her athletisim.  She loves to play frizbee and fetch and will run for hours up and down the hill next to her house… basically as long as you want to thow, she will retrieve.   She lives with her brother Mica and the two of them are quite a sight together.  She is 22 inches and he is 30.  Despite their size differences they are the best of buddies.

To read more about Rhodi and her litter click her picture.

Alchmy’s Royale Tango with a Twist


Mica lives in Bellevue, Washington with his sister Rhodi.  He is the most natural swimmer and retriever I’ve ever seen and he LOVES to work.  If you ask him to do something he will go to task with drive and enthusiasm.  He entered his first Nosework trial after only a few months of training and earned two Preferred designations and a first place in interior find.  The dogs were given 3 minutes to find the scent and Mica did it in 9 seconds.  The judge, a K9 police officer said that his work was, Out Standing.  I hope to get him into a few more trials so we can finish his title.

Some Misc Alchmy Royle Pictures

PP2013 (56 of 59)june 17 032IMG_0104images


PP2013 (51 of 59) Mica of courseem_thumbwhelping box2may 18 020IMG_8782291098_2342201959495_1432841_owhlping box2ICo tintin guards2013-07-28 07.28.24 IMG_2907 rhodi with tons o hair anne puppies ico nickel and ico with ico's puppies

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