Alchmy’s 2006 Litter (Nicky x TinTin)




1 year old:  Belle’, Nickel, Guy, Ico, Joey and Dancer


2 years old: Joey, Ico, Nickel, Guy, Belle, Jack and Dancer


3 years old: Jack, Belle’, Nickel, Guy, Ico and Joey



4 years old: Dancer, Guy, Nickel, Belle’, Joey









5 years: Joey, Belle’, Nickel, Ico and Guy


After the fifth year things started to get a little crazy with Nickel and Ico’s puppies in the mix so we stopped having formal shots…. If you’d like to see more pictures from our annual Poodle Palooza please click here: IMG_1455



tintin pics

UKC Int’l Ch Bibelot’s Tolka Tintanium GC RA JHD-s NAJ OAP OAJ UAG1 TDI VCX


click to go to her page

TinTin came from Susan Fraser, Bibelot Poodles in Ontario, Canada.  I got her for training in SAR but she was too laid back for the task and we transferred some of her skills into the area of Therapy and Service work.    Although she was never used officially as a service dog, she loves the challenge of finding, picking up, finding just about anything. Above all she has been an exceptional mother and Grandmother.. and soon to be  Great Grandmother.  She has helped each of her daughters nurse, discipline and raise several litters.

Born April 30, 2003

23 2/3 ”


nick pics greatgranddad

FO UGRACH UOCH GR CH Tiger’s Unique Magic Nicholas UD RAE MX AXP MXJ AJP NFP VCX  (5/6/1997-2/14/2010)

nickyNicky was described by Louann Currey as her one and only ‘heart dog’  if you look at all the amazing accomplishments they achieved it’s hard to not understand that they had a very special relationship.  I was sold on Nicky when I saw the picture of him in the whelping box of one of Louann’s litters… he always took vigil over nicky_3the puppies when the moms had to take a potty break.. and they weren’t even his puppies.  Nicky’s tail never stopped wagging and he was willing to try just about any task that was put in front of him.

When I bred to Nicky he was 11 years old (TinTin as just over 3yrs) and i was extremely fortunate to be able to do a fresh chilled breeding with him.  Nicky died three years ago at the age of 12.5 years from cancer.  It was obviously a difficult loss for Louann but we are both glad to have his offspring to carry on his legacy of extremely intelligence, confidence and willingness to work.

Meet the 7 Puppies of the this litter

This was TinTin’s one and only litter.  She whelped 7 puppies on June 16, 2006.  I was a nervous participant and panicked when she was 24 hours into pre-labor.  I decided that I shouldn’t wait any longer and a friend and I put her into the van to bring her to the vet.  We had only driven about two blocks when the first puppy, Nickel was born.  After we got the two home the rest followed in quick succession.  There were 4 girls and 3 boys.

From this litter several puppies went on to earn a number of titles, of which I am very proud.  Two of the puppies later had litters of their own and the tradition continue…

Am/Can INTL Ch UGrCh Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues Am/Can RA JHD CGC TDI VC


Nickel is my girl and was named after he father Nicky.  She was one of two pick puppies out of the litter and became my first Home Bred BBE AKC/CKC Champion Multiple BIS UKC GUCH and International Ch.  She was the 7th poodle in the US to earn a Junior herding title through IABCA and trained in Agility, Fieldwork and Rally and has continue on to participate in Barn hunt, Dock diving and Nosework.  To learn more about her you can click her photo.



dancer-ready-1  dancer weaving well

dancer hoop small

Dancer lives in Portland, Oregon with her nephew Rush.  You can check out her agility page at

Alchmys Magic Tintanium Bear RA TDI

Oso (Jack) lives in Sequim, Wa

UKC Int’Ch Alchmys Magic Indigo Curls RAE HCT CGC


Ico lives in Seattle, Washington and is one of our Moms for Alchmy.  She has been a natural athlete with the type of drive and biddibility everyone loves to see.  What ever task she was faced with she has excelled.  Her owner never trained a dog before yet she participated in Rally, agility and herding and conformation shows.

When she was 5 years old she had her first and only litter of 5 puppies.  It was a frozen surgical insemination from a sire carrying some of the more unusual silver ancestors.

Her daughter Rhodi will be having a litter of her own in the fall of 2016.

To read more about Ico and her litter click her picture.  If you’d like to see more about her daughter Rhodi     ←click here

Alchmys Magic Lavnder Bluebelle RA TDI

belle and stoli

Belle’ lives in Sequim, Wa  with Stoli and Stoli x Nickel son Kosmo.



Alchmys Magic Beryl Boomerang TDI


Joey lives in Arlington and has been a Therapy dog ever since he was 6 months old.

Alchmys Magic La Belle Fleche’

P8120002 DSC_0080


Guy and Nickel at 6 months

Guy (pronounced [ɡi]) lives in Colorado (see their summit of a 14 footer?) with his nephew Chelley.

Some Misc Alchmy Magic Pictures

PP2013 (33 of 59)

PoodleParty7-14-07 141

Ico and Nickle 2 years old






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