GMJCH, URO3, CAS, CH     Karbit’s TNT Rudolph Valentino     CDI, RAE, JH, Amer. CD, CKC WC, PCA WC, TT, CGN, HIC

Rudy is the proud owner of Melissa Blazak.  They live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Melissa has done amazing work with Rudy even though he’s only her second standard poodle.  I love Melissa’s enthusiasm and dedication to all things Poodle.  I feel very honored that she and Karin Benker of Karbit Poodles have allowed me to breed Ms Nickel to Mr Rudy.   I have respected the philosophies and principles of Karin’s breeding program for over a decade.  She mainly breeds Kleinpudel/Moyen poodles and has imported a number of dogs from Europe to increase genetic diversity.

Rudy is an accomplished dog,especially for his young age of 4 years.  Melissa and Rudy are game to try anything and everything.

Not only have they participated in all these dog sports but they’ve put many hours into training and competing in them.  So let’s take a look at Rudy’s titles:



Rudy Brockville

Winning Gold , 1st place in Brockville, Ontario last August dock diving with a jump of 24 feet 2 inches!

Rudy water2Rudy water

rudy win



It’s not all about titles of course.  He’s some pictures of him having fun in less structured ways.

Rudy waiting for a release wordRudyfrizbeeKarbits-TNT-Rudolph-Valentino-----t9A1WiKRrGUFWtuLXGhsB7CUovM0BX0Y3FVgu-78510,.gif

Rudy photo by Seth Casteel


Rudy’s Pedigree

Rudy’s Health Testing


I asked Melissa to write a little about Rudy.  Gee, I wish she showed some enthusiasm and wrote more than two words! 🙂

Rudy really is a delight.  He was a pretty easy puppy in that although he required a lot of exercise he always settled nicely in the house.  He was and still is a pretty big chewer, and is very oral, so teething was interesting!  He was very easy to redirect to an appropriate chew and did not show an inclination to be destructive or chew on furniture.
He is very people oriented and has always been outgoing, even as a puppy.  Never met a stranger and loves kids.  I have never seen him shy away from anyone.  Rudy is very silly and loves to nibble on my clothes and make little love sounds.  He loves to roll around on the grass or carpet upside down and moan and groan and make little barks.
Loves other dogs.  Has taken a lot of work to get him focused for work in the obedience/rally ring, but thankfully loves toys and tugging and working so much that his focus for work is excellent.  He can work off leash in a class full of dogs, but still loses his mind in the first 5 minutes when you enter the building because he is just Mr. Social Butterfly.  He is not a fighter even though he is intact although he will give a snark back if another dog snarks first.  Loves girls and is very respectful of older/senior dogs although his overenthusiastic greeting style can sometime be a bit much for other dogs!  He will adapt his play to suit the dog he is playing with and will give corrections to others if they get a bit out of hand.  His corrections are fair and are basically a “respect me” without any force.  Really, he lives up to his name of Rudolph Valentino, The Lover!
He is very oral in another way……he likes to talk back!  When he’s frustrated during shaping he’ll bark.  When he thinks we’re too slow opening the door or going out to the park he’ll bark.  He loves to greet me at the door with multiple happy barks.  In field training at the holding blind he (unfortunately!) whines and shivers with anticipation.  When released at the line he gives a little yip as he rockets off.  Most times I ignore the barking and have him do a behavior.  It does not help to eliminate barking by yelling.  Just warning you!  When you pet or massage him he makes all these funny noises if he’s loving it.
Terrain courage (field terminology!)  Rudy has not shied away from walking over or onto anything.  I have had him jump on, run on and walk on some pretty strange objects and he is like a mountain goat.  He also shows no aversion to plunging into heavy brush, cattails, mud, etc. when field training.  He loves field training and is only hampered by my incompetence and inexperience training field and my refusal to use an ecollar or force fetch.  He came to birds late, he was 1 1/2 years old, but once he figured out the game he was hooked.   It really is the only time I see him very serious when he’s working.  He is so focused on where the birds are going to be.
Love of water.  Learning from my previous mistakes with Max, my first standard I was determined to let Rudy discover the joy of swimming on his own.  Luckily he lives to retrieve so one day in late March, early April when he was about 5 months old we were down hiking by Lake Ontario.  He was wading in up to his elbows anyways so I decided to throw a stick about 5 feet from the shore (NB I never play with sticks, bad idea).  He automatically swam for it!!!! Yeah!  I did it 2 more times where he promptly swam to retriever then I called it quits.  We continued his swimming all that summer and into early fall.  He is not a recreational swimmer (he doesn’t go in just to swim), but will retrieve till the cows come home and will plunge into any water body after a retrieve item.  Rudy is now known for his trademark water entry which has made him an excellent dock jumping dog.
One last thing for now!  Rudy has a shoe fetish.  He will go and bring back any pair of shoes I have worn to work for the day, my slippers, etc.  It’s a bit of a greeting ritual combined with the barking I am so happy you’re home routine.  After the barking and loving on the stairs he has to go find something to carry around and present to me!  Usually it’s shoes, but sometimes a toy or his towel.
Hope this paints a bit of a picture of my lovable, silly boy!

Rudy’s begining

Mom: Valentine, Yaddas Total Eclipse Of The Heart  

 Rudy was Green Collar Puppy in his litter.   This litter’s auntie Ico was Green Collar Puppy.  He was out of a litter of  7.  5 boys and 2 girls.  His mom, Valentine is a black standard with a beautiful temperament and lovely structure.
 Valentine expecting2 Valentine2 Valentine1 Valentine4Birthday2 Rudy’s first day

Dad:  Warren, Dick Tracy Le Papillon

Warren3 Warren2 Warren1Warren is a German Klein Import

Rudy as a puppy

Karbits-TNT-Rudolph-Valentino-----mlywW5G8GLfiVQ8Q7-nYGYuatWjlYCbWq5ackD26tms,.gif Baby Rudy 8 weeks Rudy week 5a Rudy newborn Rudy week 5f

Here’s Rudy’s YouTube link

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