Phoenix x Ally

Ally and Phoenix valentine

♥♥♥  Litter Due May 8th  ♥♥


bred with heart

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Thank you for visiting our Alchmy Poodle Family site.  My name is Vikki and I have been owned by standard poodles for about 20 years.


Nickel my first home bred AKC/CKC Champion BBE

The Beginning…..cb CaptureMy first standard poodle’s name was Corsa Bella and she was a rescue with a myriad of health issues.  She had SLO and epilepsy and eventually went blind due to Immune-Mediated Scleritis.  My experience with Corsa began my exploration into the diseases affecting our beloved Poodle breed and started my education on health testing, pedigree analysis and breeder scrutiny.  Ironically, one of the many things I learned is that the posting of health problems on the Poodle Health Registry (PHR) was not a reflection of poor breeding but the integrity of honest breeders.  All breeders will face, at one point, the unfortunate surfacing of health issues.  It’s not the breeders who publicize the problems who are the problem… it is those who claim that ‘there are no problems in my lines.’  Corsa launched me forward in my understanding of what makes a ‘good’ breeder.  My boy, Ferrous, taught me the lesson about temperament.  At the age of only 8 weeks I recognized that there was something ‘different’ about him and contacted his breeder.  She is a fairly well-known breeder of reds and apricots and despite my efforts to request help, I was forced to deal with his behavioral problems alone.  Sadly, at the age of 6 years old, Ferrous had to be put to sleep because he attacked and severely bit a friend.  My experiences with Ferrous once again forced me to wonder about what ‘good’ breeding was all about.  It was through my experiences that I began to understand the role of a good breeder; not that they can promise you a perfect puppy but that they will be there when help is needed. When the time came to get my third poodle I had learned a and put my knowledge to work, not looking for the right puppy but the right breeder.

I hope on the following pages you learn more about my breeding program, health issues of our beloved breed, ways to improve the health of your own dog(s), and what it means to breed healthy happy sound poodles.


When I first sat down with a pen and paper I and worked on my long term goals and priorities.  Over the years I return to that paper and adjust my thinking and shift around my priorities and every time it’s a challenge because who can say which should be sacrificed?… every time you prioritize you have to sacrifice something.   In the end I realized that it’s a shifting and expanding concept that changes as new studies are created about temperament, genetics or puppy development and as new testing becomes available that aids in our choices for sires and dams or which puppies to keep out of a litter for the next generation.  As you read through my website you will learn more about my philosophies in all of these topics.

  1. Health
  2. Temperament
  3. Structure
  4. Titles

A few things I hope to address in future posts

  1. How genetic diversity and choosing mates can effect health and longevity
  2. How to read and understand a pedigree
  3. Health topics:  minimal vaccinations, keeping natural tails and dewclaws
  4. How puppy rearing can effect health and temperament
  5. Raw Feeding
  6. More


Eureka! Tudorose Goldmine  RN

11/30/2004 – 02/20/2017

shoot2 002

My dear girl ‘Eureka,’ Tudorose Eureka! Goldmine during her water therapy session.

I encourage all Poodle owners to support the hard work behind The Poodle Health Registry and report any health issues you face or have faced.  This database not only provides a public record for all poodle owners but provides data for health and disease research.  If you are interested in reporting a health issue or simply wish to see what health information might be ‘behind’ your poodle please check out this website:  PHR

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Vikki: Welcome back to US! Where are you now? How are the kids? Berkeley& Blue send poodle greetings! Are you having 2 litters this Fall?


    • Hi Janet and Andy!! I am almost back in the US! 🙂 I’m actually in Germany right now meeting one of the sires for one of the (yes two) litters planned for this fall. Great to hear from you and I hope we can catch up soon!


  2. Hi,

    My search for a stud poodle to breed to has led me to your site. I have been very concerned about the health of our Standards and the overuse of sires known to have produced major health problems who are repeated over and over in just a few generations of a lot of pedigrees these days. I’ve been breeding Standards on a limited basis for 39 years. When looking for someone to breed with about 8 years ago, I was amazed to find out about all the health problems that I didn’t even know existed. So I began to ask questions, had three of my dogs tested in the Lorna Kennedy study and finally imported a female from France of older breeding but after quite a few generations went back to Bibelot’s Clean As A Whistle whose offspring I started with in white. Also my search led me to contact Natalie Tessier but I didn’t proceed further.

    Now I’m looking in to the new study that’s been done at Davis and getting that into my head along with Natalie’s overview.

    My love is whites and I was intrigued by the Russian dogs that have been imported but my breeding has been only white or black for quite a few years so am reluctant to get a whole bunch of colours in there; however, health is more important.

    When I started looking at the Kot Russian dog, and his descendants in America, I came across your Stoli being in a colour more preferable to what I want. I presume he was born cream but looks white. Is he still alive? He is very pretty and that is one thing I’ve been blessed with is pretty heads and I see your silvers are so nice.

    Is Stoli available for stud?

    My website is http://www.tivitohorses.com and you can see quite a few of my dogs there. I’ve only had two cases of Addisons in the one litter 15 years ago and that was the only time when I bred to what I thought was an outcross which I was persuaded to do by a veterinarian who thought she knew what type of Poodle she wanted. Little did I know what her dog had and didn’t even have a good working temperament either.

    Sorry for going on so much but it was a hard lesson for me. Since then I’ve waited almost too long before breeding females to see if they are going to develop anything. Some of my different haplotypes and genes have been lost but hopefully there is something of diversity left.

    Would really like to hear from you and your comments.

    Thanks. Again, your silvers are so pretty.

    Judy Burgoyne
    Napoli Poodles

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  3. Wendy Wahman said:

    Sweetest girl in the world. Beautiful photo of you and Eureka. Gazing into your blue eyes, and you into her brown ones. Miss her achingly.


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