Puppies were groomed from head to toe

My friend Nellie came to see the puppies and I promptly put her to work grooming.  She’s experienced with toy poodles and told me that these giant puppies were a piece of cake.  She not only has the technical expertise but has the most wonderful gentle handling.  The puppies were putty in her hands.  What would have taken me days was done in two afternoons.

What do you do with newly bathed and shaved puppies?

You bring them to a muddy pond to swim of course.


Lindy teaching the puppies a thing or two about paddle boarding.

Carol and Lindy were willing to drop what they were doing to help me bring the puppies for a swim.  To be honest we didn’t expect the puppies to get in the water since the bank was a shear drop-off.   I’m not sure the puppies knew what they were doing, that they saw the water and decided they wanted to get in but as soon as they were on the bank they started jumping in like Lemmings.  Plop plop plop they went!  Red puppy jumped in and she disappeared under water, surfaced and swam to shore. Orange puppy jumped in then Blue.  It was chaos!

After an hour of running through cat tails and grasses the puppies finally slowed down to enjoy the view.