I’m Happy to Announce We had an Uneventful

4th of July

fireworks july 4

I have to admit that it was fairly quiet here in Seattle during the 4th of July weekend.  So quiet, in fact, that I had to open all the doors and windows to get any firework sounds at all.   I’m still happy to report that puppies were oblivious to the event.

Just Another Impromptu Surface For the Puppies




july 5 noble orange1july 5 noble orange

Balls Balls Balls

Claudia researched a new puppy raising program called The Puppy Culture and excitedly told me about one of the puppy tools it incorporates using plastic balls and a kiddie pool.  I think the purpose of the exercise is to provide auditory and physical stimulation to the puppies while they play.   I thought it was a pretty silly idea and reluctantly went along with the idea.  You can judge for yourself if it was a success.

I’m sold