Field Trips



Puppies are just over 7 weeks old and they have been on a number of field trips

I have tried to get them into the car with each errand I run and they are starting to settle down.  I have to admit they’ve been a bit boisterous in the car.


2x to Issaquah property

1x to lake in Northbend

2x to Lake Washington

1x to pond in Carnation

They have touched their toes to the water but none are going in on their own.  I’ve had litters swimming as early as 6 weeks but this has no baring on ‘love of water’ as an adult.  As a matter of fact Ally was first introduced at age 8 weeks and was full-on jumping in at 11 weeks.

The latest trip was to Argus Ranch Dog Training Facility

They had a great time

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We have a litter of tuggers!!!