Puppies get their first whole food


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So far puppies have been eating a mix of ground Honest Kitchen, raw chicken, veggies and Ziwi Peak supplemented with Norwegian salmon oil, bone broth and powered organic goat’s milk..

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I know this sounds scary….


Lucky puppies got to feast on their first chicken parts.  

Sound gross?  

Well it is.  Since puppies at this age can be aggressive in their consumption of raw meat, tapping into their wild ancestor protection of resources, I like to be hands on while they partake.  I hold the food while they eat and if they’re particularly assertive I will hold them in my lap.   I always have enough for each puppy to have its own morsel and at times I will scatter an abundance of food among the puppies so there’s no doubt that the harvest is plentiful.  This helps them learn that there’s no reason to hoard and if a human hand is a part of the picture it’s to assist not steal.

Eating can be a lot of work

Green is one tired puppy.  She fell to sleep sitting up