Check Out These Chompers


First teeth: upper and lower canines and incisors

No wonder the puppies all came down with a bout of diarrhea.  It looks like a good percentage of their teeth decided to come in all at once.  Luckily everything is back to normal but now Ally has a whole new challenge ahead of her.  She needs to teach the puppies ‘bite inhibition’ and with these hungry little piglets it wont be easy.

What comes with teeth?  


Puppies got their first solid meal today.  It took exactly a half a second for them to figure out what was going on.  They were surprisingly tidy about the whole affair.   After their feast they collapsed into food comas, which was good because later today they’re going back outside so they need a good rest.

june 2 puppies eat meal food


Their buddy Noble is never far away

june 2 noble

On a side note……

Grand Mom Nickel earned her last leg toward her UKC Nosework title.  It was a perfect way to celebrate her 11th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Nickel!

nickel nn