Week 3 

is the beginning of intense social development


During the next few weeks we will begin to see puppies interacting more and more.  Although they’re beginning to explore the world around them, their main focus is on one another.

Puppies are starting to wag their tails, bark and growl  

and begin true play

They’re also in a stage of intense separation vocalization so if they wander too far from the pack they will let us know!  Their eye sight is also improving and they are beginning to see at a greater distance.  This brings about a new fear period too.  The puppies are more aware of movement overhead and objects that are tossed into the whelping box.  This can be a delicate time for introducing them to the world outside their whelping box but if done correctly it’s also a great time to desensitize them to more environmental stimulus.

Mom is still Number 

And, of course, after an eventful day mom is the best antidote to any form of stress