Happy Three Weeks Old!


To celebrate, puppies get their first trip to the great outdoors

Since this is probably a bigger deal to Ally than it is to the puppies I decided not to travel far with them so I put a dog bed just outside the back door and it’s the perfect spot.

1.  It’s under cover.   The puppies have never seen the open sky except the few times I carried them outside and it can be very intimidating or even down right scary.

2.  It’s noisy.  There’s some construction next door and there’s a variety of loud sounds emanating over the fence.

3. It’s comfortable. There’s a nice light breeze, a relief on this hot day.

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In order to carry out proper desensitization of sounds it’s important to give the puppies a startle.  There can be a fine line between a startle and a scare and we really just want to de-condition them to environmental stimulus not increase their stress or fear.   I like to see a small reaction and then a ‘bounce back’ to their original behavior.  The sounds from the neighbors proved to be riding that line.  In the end the puppies appeared quite content.


Can you believe this was just 10 days ago?