What do these implements have in common?

You might think that they all can be used for grooming.   Well, you’re right and I start introducing these to the puppies so they’re used to all the physical sensations they’ll eventually experience during grooming.   Face it, poodles face a life time of baths, clips and cleanings and if your puppy is freaky deaky about the equipment both of you will have a tougher time getting through regular maintenance.

So I use clippers, electric tooth brushes, dremel and dryers to accustom puppies to the sounds and feelings of these grooming tools.

Although I don’t use the tools above on the puppies until they are a bit older, the one thing I do start early are nails.  This isn’t just for the puppy’s well being but for mom’s as well because those sharp nails can do a lot of damage to mom’s belly.  I start off clipping nails as early as 2-3 days but I only do the front feet.  I leave the back nails alone because long sharp rear nails are great for helping a puppy brace while nursing.  The front nails gotta go. Since the puppies are getting stronger and more coordinated, today I could finally clip off those  back nails.

Yup, those little black specks are puppy toe nails

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