A Whole 24 hours old

I’ll continue to be a day behind in my posts since it takes time to edit pictures and write my posts.  It’s always more work than I remember to take care of mom and babies the first few days.    Ally has taken to motherhood with gusto but she is still recuperating from delivery and not wanting to eat a lot.  Needless to say, it takes a lot of energy to nurse babies so I’ve been kept busy encouraging her to eat enough.

Calcium intake is of paramount importance and if a mom doesn’t take in enough calcium while nursing she can develop eclampsia (the same thing human mothers can get) which can be deadly.

Ally is getting a calcium supplement with cottage cheese and goat’s milk, and if she’s really lucky, vanilla ice cream.

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Puppies make a lot of weird sounds and it’s always hard in the beginning to know if it’s a cry of pain, hunger, anger, frustration, need to eliminate or a case of Puppy Tourettes.

 Moms need to stimulate puppies to defecate and urinate and puppies can get pretty vocal about it.

It didn’t take Ally long to figure out the difference and after a while even I can tell the deference between a puppy with gas and a puppy having a temper tantrum because it can’t get to a nipple.

Meet the Gang

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