We’re Waiting…..



We began taking Ally’s temperature two days ago.  This gives us a base line and lets us see a trend in her changes.  Typically the temperature will spike 48 hours before and then drop 24 hours before delivery.  If you can catch these fluctuation it’s possible to know approximately when labor will begin.  There are plenty of physical signs that let us know that mom is going into labor but it’s always nice to know ahead of time.  That said, nature always has the last word.


Here are a few tidbits about canine labor you might or might not know

Pre-labor (24 hours pre-labor) mom might…

  • lose interest in food
  • have pupils dilate
  • start digging and become restless
  • drop her temperature by almost 2 whole degrees

Stage 1 labor

  • can last 6-12 hours
  • contractions begin
  • mom starts panting, shivering and possibly vomiting

Stage 2 labor

  • can last 3-12 hours
  • 40% of puppies are born feet first
  • nursing puppies stimulates contractions
  • 1/4 of my puppies have been born outside
  • a ride in the car may stimulate contractions

and Waiting….

ally day 61


TEMP HAS DROPPED TO 98.8 from 100.4 F