Xrays confirmed 6 puppies!

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Over the last few days Ally has been more and more uncomfortable.  She hasn’t seemed comfortable laying down, only eating small portions at a time and making heavy signs while relaxing.  Puppies have obviously been pushing on her lungs and stomach.

Today there was a sudden turn around in her comfort level.  She gobbled up her food, played with Nobel and even spent some time on the front steps watching the world go by.

I suspect that the puppies have shifted.  The puppies will be putting on weight and growing in size during this last week.  They will also be starting to turn around so they are head-first in the birth canal.  Right now (as you can see by the Xray) they are situated Easty and Westy.  It’s not unusual for a puppy or two to be breach but it’s always nice if we see head first.

Final conclusion from the Xray?

  • Puppies are all a nice uniform size

  • Puppies heads are the right size to pass through the pelvic girdle

  • Puppies appear to be equally mature and healthy

Interesting facts…

Bones are held together by flexible tendons. In pregnancy, these joints become even more mobile. Relaxin, one of the hormones associated with increased cardiac output, increased renal blood flow, and increased arterial compliance is also primarily responsible for relaxing the pelvic ligaments.

Soon after Ally’s insemination I explained to Claudia, Ally’s owner, that we could do a Relaxin Test to confirm pregnancy:  Increased Relaxin = Pregnant.  A few weeks later she told me that her agility instructor commented on how ‘Loosey Goosey”  Ally looked.  She was literally waddling…  Relaxin was ‘doing its thing.’

It all makes sense,  the puppies have to pass through a mobile pelvis and the hormone Relaxin helps make the pelvis a dynamic and flexible passageway to allow a puppy’s head to pass.

Ally says…… What Ever,  I’m ready to graduate from pregnant to mother now!