It’s time to start setting up the whelping room

 By some miracle we had a sunny day on Friday and I decided it was time to get the whelping box put together.   I still had the box from the 2016 litter so I hauled the parts outside and got them freshly painted.  Noble,with his infinitely curiosity couldn’t help but stick his nose into every aspect of the job.   Miraculously only his nose ended up white with paint.   Ally was curious too but had no idea that all the activity was for her.

After everything was dry (including Noble’s nose) we moved it inside to start assembly.

We put down linoleum to protect Claudia’s wood floors, moved out the furniture and started putting up the sides.

 It didn’t take long for Ally to figure out that the box was for her.

ally whelp2

The futon you see next to the box is where I’ll sleep for the first few nights.

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Some puppies are learning that the box isn’t for them.

nobel whelping box