Ally’s belly day 5

For the first 19 days there are few physical signs

That’s because up until then the rapidly dividing cells are free-floating between the two uterine horns.

Uterine Horns?

Dogs have a double uterus called the uterine horns

Once the ovum attach to the uterine walls they finally start to differentiate and we can start calling them fetuses.  It’s at this point when mom usually feels a little morning sickness, not just from hormonal changes but because mom is experiencing waves of contractions that evenly distribute the ovum throughout the two uterine horns.

28 Days = Heart Beat

Now  implanted the fetal development is swift

FETUS 28 days


Count?  We saw 6 puppies.  

It’s possible that one or two are hiding but most likely this is an accurate count.  

click above to see the ultrasound