28 days ago Ally and I (and my new puppy Noble) took a road trip to Oregon for Ally’s insemination.  First step was to the Canine Semen Bank to pick up the Little Swimmers who had been cryogenically frozen in Germany and then we headed to the hotel for the night.

Ally on the hotel bed resting up for her big day

March 8, 2017

Next morning we went to the vet, Little Frozen Phoenixes in tow, for Ally’s insemination.

Dewar = 350 degrees F

Getting Weighed

 I decided to do a trans-cervical insemination instead of a surgical one since the vet insured me that the procedure was as equally successful as the more invasive surgical one.  I liked the idea because instead of Ally going through the risks of anesthesia and surgery, the nausea of post op recovery, antibiotics, and days of bed rest she’d only need a 15 minute procedure followed by 2 hours of rest.  On top of that I could do two breedings which increased our chances.  Done deal.

Here’s a diagram of the procedure.  In a natural breeding the semen is deposited on the left side of the cervix while with the scope it is deposited further up.  The maturing eggs, in the mean time, are traveling down from the ovary toward the uterus.

After ovulation it takes 2-3 days for the eggs to mature and then they only live about 24 hours.  Frozen sperm only lives 7 hours (opposed to 7 days for naturally deposited semen) so you can see that an extra breeding is a nice convenience.

Rigid scope and a syringe of Phoenix Hopefuls 

The insemination only took about 15 minutes and then Ally stood for 2 minutes to let the boys begin their journey.   The green frog on her back wasn’t just superstitious voodoo but there to remind Ally to stay still and I suppose to simulate her paramour.  After this, we headed back to the hotel for the night to relax and wait for a repeat breeding the next day.

After Insemination

It’s just a waiting game while the ovum float freely in the uterus as they divide and mature.  On about day 19 they implant in the uterine wall and very rapidly begin to change into little puppies.

Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting

 until day 28 when we confirm pregnancy via ultrasound.