Ok,  I’ve built a fun little document so we can follow Rhodi’s pregnancy.  I hope to make it a little educational by explaining some of the physical changes she’s going through, testing that’s done and the progress of fetal development.  I will be posting each week or more often depending on what new changes are taking place.  Of course the first few weeks very little appears to be happening as her body isn’t changing much but inside there’s still lots going on.

Click the picture below to see the Rhodi’s progress

The Mighty Egg

development egg sperm

An Overview

The first few weeks of canine pregnancy are usually pretty unremarkable with little change physically for mom.


Day 0-5  The first significant stage for the canine ‘egg’ is seen the first 2-4 days after ovulation.  Unlike other mammals, these eggs are released before any division takes place so it needs to take place before fertilization.  At this stage the egg is called an ‘Oocyte.’

Day 5-18  The second stage takes place after fertilization and but before the eggs are planted into the wall of the uterus.   This is one reason there’s little change in Mom during the first 19 days of pregnancy.  Yup, the eggs migrate to the uterus and then just float around in the uterus dividing for almost 19 days..ooctye-blastosphere

Day 19  Is the approximate day the eggs finally attach and mom might start ‘feeling pregnant’  The uterine wall moves in waves as oxytocin is released which distributes the eggs evenly throughout the uterus…. occasionally causing ‘morning sickness.’

Day 22-23  a heart beat might already be visible via ultrasound  at this stage we no longer have ‘eggs’ but puppy fetuses.   day-22