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There’s been a lot of’ behind the scenes work planning this breeding and I can’t believe that the time’s come to start blogging! I hope this will help everyone keep track of where we are in Rhodi’s pregnancy. Two weeks ago the Alchmy clan took a road trip to Blaine, Washington so that Rhodi and Ricky could make some babies.

You can learn a lot more about these two:  health testing, pedigrees, ancestors, titles, etc by clicking the picture below



My goal with this blog is to keep everyone updated on how Rhodi is doing and where she is in her pregnancy.  I hope to make this educational as well, covering the ins and outs of fetal development, stages of pregnancy and eventually puppy development and all the fun things our puppies will be experiencing before going to their new homes.

So the first chart will be to follow Rhodi’s pregnancy and as she progresses I will cover some of the developmental aspects going on and how it affects mom.  Sorry Ricky…  for the most part we’re done with you !