After a a years on the road traveling Canada and the United States and a year and a half in Mexico and Guatemala.

juan and nickel

The Alchmy poodles and I are back in Seattle.  Why?   To continue the line of silver and blue poodles that started 10 years ago.It was a hard decision because it meant abandoning my goal of driving to Patagonia and returning to the US.  I realized that if I didnt turn around and return for these litters now, my girls would be too old.

If you’d like to view some of our trip in Mexico you can go to my other blog


We’ve been planning for many years to eventually breed Rhodi and Ally, two daughters of TinTin’s daughters Ico and Nickel.  It’s been plans in the making because we wanted the two girls to be old enough that we knew that they were healthy and the odds of being effected by common standard poodle diseases was at a minimal.  Time slipped away while I was traveling in Mexico and Central America and suddenly the two girls are old enough that we need to breed now or never.  Rhodi just turned 6 years old and Ally 5.  I think you’ll agree with me that the choices for sires are exceptional and I’m hoping to keep a puppy from each litter for myself.  You can read all about these poodles, their ancestors and other background information on my website ALCHMY.ME

There are two litters planned and, not surprisingly, mother nature has pulled a fast one on us.  I had hoped to have the litters at least a month apart and according to the girls’ past heat cycles it was to be expected.  Well, Rhodi was stubborn and delayed her heat for a month.  She will be bred next week,  approximately August 9-13 and Ally is expected to come into heat at the end of August.

Since Rhodi is going to have the first litter lets start our conversation about her……