Sherry and I and a bunch of poodles took a little hike yesterday.  Helena is in a rain shadow making it pretty hot and dry.  I was a surprise to see prickly pears.  Surprisingly the poodles seemed to be able to run around them.



IMG_4781 IMG_4777 IMG_4776

The gang


Epic did a great job keeping up and did his share of exploring…. but mostly he followed the big guys.



Later that day we went for a swim and everyone went into the water… and I mean everyone!


_MG_4822 _MG_4815






_MG_4832 _MG_4833 copy-1


Contemplating the water


_MG_4827 _MG_4826 _MG_4825 _MG_4824

Epic was a little hesitant about entering the water but finally decided to give it a try.  He did the usual poodle Splash.  He tried to avoid the water in his face by throwing his head backward which sunk his bottom…  I gave him a little lift of his rear end and he paddled to shore.  There he sat, thinking about what he’d just done and deciding that terra firma was nicer.



Sterling went in but we were so excited about it that we forgot to get pictures!



_MG_4834 Playing spin the poodle






The next day Poodles stayed home and Sherry, Teddy and I went kayaking around her local reservoir.   If you’d like to see Sherry’s blog you can go here:  MTWAGGIN