Well,  I put the last coat of paint on the garage door and wiped down the floors by 6 pm Thursday.  I loaded what I thought was all my travel gear into the car.  The poos had been waiting in the car for the previous 2 hours since fire crackers were going off and TinTin and Eureka were stressing.  There were some things in storage that I was supposed to get before leaving but by the time 6pm rolled around I rushed out of town…  without the cord to my computer, tooth brush and some of my puppy paperwork.

My first stop was Wendy’s and Joe’s to deliver Wendy’s lost (and found) ear ring. Wendy wouldn’t let me go empty handed so I left with a big bag of popcorn, chocolates and a diet Coke.

My next stop was to drop off Mica and Green boy.  When I arrived at their house, the entire block was setting up for a great big 4th of July celebration.  There were BBQ’s in every driveway, lines of tables set up, children running and playing, and fire works going off.  Eureka and TinTin were none too pleased as Jennifer and I took Mica and Green out of the car..  The two boys seemed oblivious to the noise and eagerly ran to the yard where Boomer and Sarge were waiting.

I said a quick good-bye and drove off Eastward.  I drove to

Coeur d’Alene

before taking a break.  It was midnight so the Rest Stop was empty and all the poos had an opportunity to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.  It didn’t take long, once back in the car, for us all to fall into a deep restful sleep.

At 430 we had breakfast and headed off again.  Our goal:  Helena, Montana.  We took plenty of stops to play and wade in the rivers.


nickpupsmt IMG_0265 IMG_0257