Puppies and Big guys had a very big day today!  

Play date at Beaver Lake Park

First Bath

Photo Shoot

The day started off with a trip to Beaver lake where we met Robyn and Lacey for a swim/play date.  Robyn is a long time friend from the Ole Marymoor Dog park days.  We met when Corsa and Auggy were youngsters.  Now Robyn owns one of Nickel’s puppies from the 2011 litter.  Her name is Lacey and she’s not just a beautiful platinum silver.. she’s an athletic tomboy.  Lacey is the puppy who won a first place in Novice Dockdiving at the big ‘Salmon Days’ dockdiving competition..  having never dock-dived before!  She’s just a natural at water sports.

jjune 18 013


jjune 18 014

Race between Mica and Nickel

jjune 18 016

Who’ll drown whom

The idea was to have a bunch of water-loving adults to encourage the puppies into the water.  We had Mica, Lacey, TinTin and Nickel…. all water retrieving fools.  The only thing we had going against us was the weather.  It was a warm 70 degrees but it was spitting rain, cool water and a cool breeze.  We gave the puppies a one time chance in the water so they wouldn’t get too chilled.

jjune 18 008 jjune 18 007

jjune 18 017


jjune 18 015

After the swim the puppies spent about an hour running through the woods.  They are  confident pups who  wrestled their way through underbrush and ran full tilt through the evergreens.

jjune 18 012


jjune 18 010

jjune 18 009

ms blue




for doing this with a terribly broken toe!!!

jjune 18 011

She put a plastic bag over her foot brace so she could play with Lacey and the puppies in the water… what a Gal!!!