Today puppies went with me to a nosework class.  The classes are held at different locations every week and this time we met  at a park in Redmond.  It was a good challenge for the dogs because the park has a variety of farm animals.  I was  pleased to see that they ignored the chickens, donkey and horses until a calf came trotting over to the fence where Mica was searching.  He couldn’t get his mind off of the weird creature and we finally had to call it a day.  Since here were too many kids running around, the puppies got  to practice waiting quietly in the crate.  OK, so they weren’t That quiet.  The dehydrated chicken feet kept them pretty busy… ummmmm

After a stop at home for lunch and a nap, we all packed up and went to Wendy and Joe’s neighbors house.  Their two young children did a great job playing gently with the puppies.  I’ll have some videos and pics up tomorrow from that trip.

In the mean time

Here’s what we did the day before yesterday!



After the romp at the lake, I took the puppies to Mercer Island’s All The Best pet store.  It’s a tradition my litters to visit.  It’s a very dog savy place where puppies can mingle with customers and a nice variety of dogs.   Nickel came in too and helped herself to a few treats from the bulk bin.  After hshe confessed to shop lifting,  I went ahead and bought a few things to keep the puppies occupied while in the crates.  Yumm Ymmm chicken feet!