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Miriam Rose did an outstanding job working with the puppies.  She has a brilliant understanding of dog behavior and a keen eye to detect subtleties in each puppy’s reactions to the tests.   I loved her gentle and patient demeanor.  She spent time allowing the puppies to relax and bounce back after each part of the test putting on just enough pressure for each puppy to react honestly but not more than it needed.

Here is an example of the Volhard Puppy Temperament Test:


Miriam added two extra tests:  A small track and a ‘rubble pile’ puzzle.  All the puppies were thorough in their tracking… they stuck to the track, following it almost to the end.  A few stopped at the doorway.  The doorway was added as extra pressure to see which puppies had enough drive to overcome their uncertainty.  A few went all the way through a doorway.  A few found the track while doing other portions of the test (shows good food motivation and scenting abilities).  It looks like they’d all make excellent nosework or tracking dogs.  The rubble pile was a test to see which puppies were curious and bold enough to move over, around and under objects and wobbly surfaces.

I’m working on getting some of the tests uploaded.

In general the test confirmed what I expected in the puppies.  Yellow, however, was a bit of a surprise.  He showed a lot more drive and persistence and is now a potential working puppy.  Now for the most difficult part of raising puppies; deciding where they all go.  I’ll be taking most of this week to put together the results of the test and my observations of the puppies.  I hope to let everyone know before the end of the week where they’re going.  This is both the exciting and disappointing  part of raising a litter…  making people wait to see if I have a puppy for them.