Puppies had a fairly quiet day.

I, on the other hand, after discovering that the poodle tub (in the Pink Poodle Parlor, aka.. .the garage) was leaking and the water had seeped under the linoleum in the puppy area,  spent the day cleaning.  I ended up pulling out all the crates, the puppy equipment and linoleum in order to dry everything out.  With a nice clean start I rearranged everything and add a fourth crate.  for the next week, I’ll be rotating the puppies, giving each one a chance to sleep alone.  The last week here, they’ll be on their own!

We also had a nice visit from Mike and Scarlett.  Scarlett had a chance to get to know the puppies a little better…and put them in their place when necessary!  I hope to get some nice pictures of Scarlett and Fiona from Mike *hint hint*

Pictures of the Day

Mighty Mica