Carpet was installed in the top master bedroom and two lower rooms.  I’m presently living in the two lower rooms so I had to put everything out on the deck for two days  (Including the computer).  Once it was installed, I put thick plastic down and introduced the puppies to the house.  As you know, they’ve slept in the garage.  They’ve spent the early evenings hanging out with the pack and I’ve been putting them in their crates (in the garage) to sleep through the night.  Well,  Naughty me, I let them sleep the night with all of use.  It was quite fun since they spread themselves among us.  Mica, Eureka and I on the mattress, and TinTin and Nickel on dog beds.

I forgot to mention that since I’m in limbo (waiting to move into the rental to sell the house), I’ve been sleeping in the half-finished lower bedrooms.  Now that the carpet is in, I’m just on a mattress on the floor.  All the better, I say!   The puppies can manage their way onto the bed without my fear of them falling off.   It really is just a great big poodle slumber party.

Alas, around midnight, the puppies were placed back into their crates to sleep.  As much as I want them to snuggle with me, I know that they need to learn to be independent.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t have a little fun with them 🙂

june 013

Putting plastic down. Everyone has to help.

june 016

Nickel laying claim to the dog bed.


Puppies! What is this cool slippery surface?