So….   Just to let you know what’s been going on the last four or so days.

Puppies have gone on six field trips

1.  Greenlake

2. Nosework class

3. The back yard of the new rental (still not moved in)

4. First swim in Lake Washington (Blue and Red followed Nickel into the water and SWAM)

5.  Visit to Jennifer and Adam’s house (to see Auntie Boomer) x2

We had 5 visitors  new to the pups

1. Mike and his buddy

2. Angela and her son

3.  Natalia and her new puppy

And we’ve had a bunch going on at the house

1. Carpet put in

2. Neighbors working in their back yard (which is our front yard)

3. Great escape down the driveway

4. Chicken backs and venison bones

5. Introduction to the kiddy pool

6. Sleep over in my bedroom (naughty me!!)

7. Faces shaved and nails trimmed

8. New collars

9. Introduction to the Real Stairs!

10.  Played with strangers (very nice children too)

SO… maybe you see why I didn’t have time to find my camera! LOL.  Let’s get caught up with some of the videos and pics!



Oh yeah.. the big guys got hair cuts too!


Mr. Mica…. Naked