Bad news and Good news.

Bad News:   The breeder who was going to Temperament Test the puppies had an emergency so had to cancel on the test!  It was supposed to be today.   This, of course, means that I’ll be postponing my decisions about who is going where.   Good News:  I was able to find someone to test next Sunday.  Miriam Rose of NW Noseworks is going to do it!  She was the first trainer to teach K9 Nose Work in Washington State and does “real live’  Detection work.  She’ll do the standard Volhard  test  plus  a few additional problem solving tests.  I’m very excited about this… since I’ve loved the Nosework training with my poos and I’ve heard wonderful things about Miriam.

In the mean time, instead of taking our test, we’re just hanging out…..

7 months! 016


Will try to catch up on videos, pics and stories soon…