What’s Cooking?

may 016

Oatmeal, organic kale, organic eggs, almonds, flaxseed oil, organic cocoanut milk, organic carrots, organic yams and broccoli , and ground beef (not in pic)

may 018

Satisfied customers

Puppies also got their first introduction to whole sardines.  These aren’t the kind of sardines you might be thinking about.

c 001

They’re about 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.  I feed the big guys whole frozen fish and they eat them like pop sickles.  I cut the fish into large pieces for the puppies.  It was interesting to see how they ate all the meat and left a perfect fish skeleton.


Move Again… and again

before moving one last ‘again’ to their new homes

As I’ve mentioned,  I’m preparing to put my house on the market.  Just this week I finally found a temporary rental and will be moving in about 2 weeks.  The rental is here in Seattle.  My agility instructor, Andrea and Claudia were instrumental in finding this little gem of a house.  It’s a cute bungalow but the best part  is the huge atrium on the back that opens out into a sizable yard.  The atrium will serve as a home for the puppies during their last weeks with me.

In the mean time…. I need to do the final work on the house.  This is the end of a very large project which included a complete remodel of three bathrooms, refinishing all the wood floors, repainting,  new molding, rebuild of the deck and fence, and repairs to the 20 years of wear and tear.  The work started in March and the contractor took a break during the last week of Nickel’s pregnancy and up until now.  It’s time to get this work finished!

So,  yesterday I moved the whelping room into the garage.  It’s a great space that gives them a lot more room and access to a little potty area outside.  It looks like a mess but as I like to say.. it’s organized chaos.  I took the linoleum from the original puppy room to cover the concrete.  The play area is covered by the fleece whelping box pads and dog beds.

may27 022

Yes, you do see pink walls. The garage used to be fondly referred to as the Pink Poodle Parlor.

may27 025

This is a view taken with my back to the garage door.

may27 024

Nickel likes to go into this tiny crate to nurse puppies… go figure. her hind leg is sticking out the side door!

may27 023

another view facing into the garage. On the far right is the door leading into the house. Right at the side of the crate is where the baby gate goes. The puppies figured out my first few attempts at blocking that off. I was sitting in the back room and suddenly saw puppies running down the hallway…LOL

may27 026

This is a view of the potty area (covered by a canopy). It’s a small area fenced off by x-pens. I can open it from the side to let puppies into the yard. It opens (on the right) into the garage.

Moving them to this area also gives the puppies a little more ‘away’ time so they can start getting used to being by themselves.  I’ve set up 3 large wire crates where they will be sleeping at night.