Puppies had their first real meal yesterday.

I knew they were ready because after nursing they were starting to lick Nickel’s face.

   Well it could also be a tugging lesson.

I’ve never read this anywhere but I think it’s an attempt to get mom to vomit.. like she would in the wild.  It seems to work with the traditional weaning time so I use that as my cue instead of going by a specific date.

may12 052

Ingredients: Honest Kitchen, raw beef blend (includes organ meats), whole soft-boiled egg, yogurt, cream of oatmeal, banana, water and powered organic goats milk, brown rice. salmon oil, kelp. Please don’t ask me quantities. Each meal is a little different and it’s all just slopped in together…LOL

The ingredients are all organic.  I also only used filtered water for mom and babies.  The goat’s milk powder and yogurt have probiotics.  It’s going to be necessary to monitor puppies closely at this stage.  They can get constipated or diarrhea very easily in the beginning.  This is why they only get two meals a day at first which allows them go still get mostly mom’s milk.  Puppies will get slippery elm and/or pumpkin if  they get loose stools and extra oil if it’s too hard.

may12 050

Ready to blend! What a special milk shake!!


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may12 023 may12 022

may11 003

Look at those beautifully formed poops! and plenty of them

Puppies are already going as far away from the box as possible to poop.  They don’t have as great control over urine.  There hasn’t been a poop in the box for the last few days.  They are yelling when they have to go… and holding it until I let them out.